Monday, 29 October 2012

K-Solo rejects wife’s new baby, to marry strange lover - This K-solo and his wife's story NAWA OOOO **not interested mscheww**

K-Solo and his new lover Bimbo
You’ve probably heard about the drama circling Nigerian music producer cum singer Solomon Oyeniyi aka K-Solo, and his now estranged wife Kikelomo. If you haven’t, let’s give you a recap.
In June 2012, Kikelomo granted City People Magazine an interview revealing details of her turbulent relationship with K-Solo.
According to her, the producer had been abusing her since they got married in November 2011. The couple met on Facebook in April 2011, but she says the relationship had always been plagued with lies and infidelity. Despite all this, Kike says when K Solo came begging, she forgave him and they eventually got married.
But the case worsened, Kike says, as K Solo showed his ugly side again, asking her to make him a signatory to her company’s account and to sign over all her property to him. He also continued to physically abuse her, causing her to miscarry. The marriage finally crashed in February 2012, but not before Kike published photos of bruised face, allegedly taken while she was with K-Solo.

Shockingly, the couple reunited in August, granting Channels TV an interview where they claimed to have been ‘just having fun’, pulling a simple prank ‘to know who their real friends were.’ Critics took the revelation with a pinch of salt, with people commenting that Kike must have been put under duress to deny the battery. ‘She was worried about her baby, that’s what she cares for right now’, a source who knows the couple told us.
Back to the present – Dust has been raised once again as just last week, K-Solo posted pictures of himself and another woman on his Facebook account, claiming to be engaged to her. He has deleted old photos of himself and Kike, replacing them with photos of him and his new lover, Bimbo, in each other’s arms.
So what’s happened to Kike and her baby? K-Solo has refused to divulge any information, telling us ‘When it’s time, you will all know the truth and the truth shall set you free. But for now hang on Google’.
Meanwhile, reports say on Friday, October 26, Kikelomo delivered her first child, a baby boy. K-Solo has received congratulatory messages from fans on social networks, Facebook and Twitter but is not responding to them. Instead, he has released a statement, warning websites and blogs not to refer to the ‘deliverer of the baby as K-Solo’s wife.’
The statement reads; ‘We as K-Solo’s Management think it’s should be official and professional for all media blogs and sites to confirm informations of our client tagged name K-SOLO before publishing. The baby deliverer has a name, and not to be tagged as K-Solo’s Wife in any sort of claims or otherwise. If there is any news of such, pictures of K-Solo and the Baby will be officially released and will be delivered rightly. So for any further readdressing, please do not Tag K-Solo in sure news till further notice. Thanks. K-Solo’s Management.’
It’s like a soap opera with no sign of it ending any time soon.
K Solo and estranged wife Kikelomo
K-Solo says he knows nothing about Kike’s newly born baby boy…

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