Friday, 24 August 2012

I had cold lately and thought it would be nice to share some cold remedies with you especially now the weather is so cold, because you can trust as an health consultant i barely have cold for a day or 2 before it goes away simply because i know just how to deal with it and am sure after reading these article you guys will know the healing foods to fight cold plus a special remedy i use for sure you guys are not expecting what you'll see **hehehe**

1. Chicken soup
why: It’s been called nature’s
penicillin and is at the top of the
list for its curative powers. Hot
chicken soup helps clear clogged

hehehe the most powerful black American woman got turned down: Beyonce and Lauryn Hill Turn Down Interview With Oprah

She seems to have conquered all, the presidents, the royals, the celebrities and the Kardashian’s, but contrary to popular belief, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t always get what she wants.

 This week it emerged that Grammy winner Lauryn Hill, who is currently awaiting sentencing on her failure to pay taxes on more than $1.5 million over a number of years, had declined Oprah’s request for an interview, as apparently she’s in no mood to discuss her tax woes.
Though Hill opened up about her reasons for not paying taxes in a missive posted to Tumblr, she just wasn’t up for discussing it on national television. Winfrey admitted Hill had turned her down on Twitter, responding to a fan’s request for a Lauryn feature with, “Tried. She said no.”
Oprah also revealed that she also hasn’t had any luck in getting Beyonce for a one-on-one interview. “See if you can convince Beyonce, I haven’t had luck yet,” Oprah tweeted to one fan.

Now y’all know Oprah too gets a ‘No”.

Nigeria to experience constant and affordable electricity by 2020 – Jonathan: LIKE SERIOUSLY DOES HE EXPECT US TO BE HAPPY WITH THE NEWS (THAT'S EVEN IF IS TRUE)..2012-2020...**DEEP SIGH**

President Goodluck Jonathan has said his administration is highly committed to strengthening the power sector so that it can efficiently deliver adequate, qualitative, reliable and affordable power in a deregulated mark. Noting that Nigeria was on the path to achieving a sustainable power by the year 2020.

The president gave this assurance on Thursday at the launch of the Sustainable Energy for All, SE4All, an initiative of the United Nations Development Organisation, UNIDO, in Abuja, noted that the programme “aims at assisting Nigeria to redefine its energy plans and programmes to provide access to affordable, clean and reliable modern energy services to all citizens.”

The truth behind my relationship with Don Jazzy – Tiwa Savage

She’s tall, pretty and highly talented with a unique voice, you do not come across Tiwa Savage in person for the first time and fail to notice the passion and confidence she exudes. This better comes alive when asked to speak about her music career.

Sure you guys saw the nude picture of charly boy one way or another, well charly boy finally talks on why he posed nude : as if it is even normal sef **mouth sealed**

Charlyboy, AKA Area fada has made headlines recently on different newspapers for posing nude in a picture. In this interview, the enigmatic social crusader and the eccentric one has finally disclosed why he posed nude in the picture that went viral on the internet.  The Excerpt.
Quotes: Now I know that at 61, my body still attracts

.Question: One wonders where you have been this period that the media has gone wild about you.