Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vandals cut MTN’s fibre cable, disrupt services in Northern Nigeria

Unknown persons have cut the fibre cable of GSM operator, MTN, in an unnamed part of Northern Nigeria, disrupting services to its millions of subscribers in the region.
This follows the destruction of 30 base stations owned by MTN and some other GSM operators in the region by suspected extremists.
MTN’s Nigeria General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Funmi Omogbenigun, confirmed the cutting of the cable to Reuters on Tuesday and said it had affected service to customers.
“Security concerns have prevented not only repair work to damaged equipment, but routine maintenance, causing disruption to the lives of millions of Nigerians,” Omogbenigun said.

Source: punch

Lagos Chief Judge frees 233 Kirikiri Prison inmates

The Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Ayotunde Phillips, on Tuesday freed a total of 233 inmates from the Kirikiri Medium and Maximum Security Prisons in Lagos, during her visit to the facilities.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that while 130 inmates were released at the maximum facility, 103 were set free at the medium prison.
Phillips, however, admonished the pardoned inmates to “go and sin no more.”
NAN reports that  the prison visit was part of activities marking the commencement of the 2012/2013 Legal Year of the Lagos State Judiciary.
The chief judge said the gesture was aimed at reducing congestion at the prisons, as well as releasing some of the inmates who had been awaiting trial for many years.
“This is our own little way of reducing congestion in our prisons.
“There is a maxim we have in law that it is better for ten guilty persons to go free than for one innocent person to be unjustly incarcerated.
“For those of you who are lucky to be released today, I admonish you to go and sin no more.
“I want you to go and make your mark positively in the society”, the chief judge advised the elated inmates.

187 houses submerged as flood sacks 2, 850 persons in Kaduna

Residents of Kaduna state witnessed a heavy downpour that shook the entire State in the early hours of Monday.
The event of yesterday might have come and gone, however, the havoc and heart-wrecking damages resulting from that downpour has remained a source of endless tears and unprecedented anguish among hundreds of its dwellers.
No fewer than 2, 850 persons were displaced and over187 homes, farmhouse and worship centres were swept away by the flood.
A senior officer of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Baba Ali Mohammed, had statistically narrated that over 187 houses, a Living Faith Church and a farmhouse were submerged in the natural disaster, which befell Gonigora and Ungwar Romi communities.
He said, over 2,850 people from almost 518 households were sacked by the flood, and are now taking refuge in neighboring communities.
“Only 20 people, mostly women, were camped at the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Primary School, Ungwar Romi,” he said

OMG: Multiple accidents along Aba road, Port Harcourt

The accident which occurred around 6:15 this morning around St. Johns Bus stop, was caused by a Conoil tanker carrying diesel. According to eye witnesses, the tanker was coming down the hill from Garrison when its content suddenly started gushing out, filling up the road, causing it to be slippery. The tanker was on the speed-lane, thus incoming cars on high speed lost control and their brakes failed, as the road was said to be very slippery.

Members of the TIMA RIV and the Rivers state fire service took control of the situation as soon as it happened. About 8 vehicles were involved in the accident. Injured motorists were rushed to the hospital, but no death was reported.  More photos when you continue...

BANKERS ARE PART OF THE EVIL SCHEME:Female cashier in Onitsha sends robbers after customer who withdrew N5 million

A female cashier working in a new generation bank along New Market Road, Onitsha, Anambra State has landed in trouble for sending robbers after a customer just after he withdrew N5 million from the bank. It was gathered that the customer was attacked by the armed bandits who operated on two motorcycles while waiting to board a vehicle to his destination.
After being dispossessed of the money, Daily Sun gathered that the victim became suspicious of the role played by the female cashier as no other person knew about the withdrawal and he hurried back to the bank in anger and threatened to expose the cashier if the stolen money was not returned immediately to him.

According to a reliable source, the bank manager, whose office was situated close to the banking hall, overheard their argument and invited them into his office. While interviewing both parties, the female cashier consistently denied involvement in the crime and vowed to deal with the victim if his allegation was eventually proved to be false. However, the cat was let out of the bag during hot exchange of words when the mobile phone of the cashier rang persistently and she refused to answer the call.

Cane rat meat ‘sold to public’ in Ridley Road Market, East London - eeewwwwwww

Cane rats and “shocking” quantities of illegal and “potentially unsafe” meat have been sold to the public in east London, a BBC London undercover investigation has found.
Secret filming in one of the capital’s busiest food markets has revealed butchers and food stores prepared to sell large quantities of meat that break food safety laws.

West African and environmental health officer sources told the BBC the Ridley Road Market, in Dalston, was a known hotbed of illicit meat activity, including sales of illegal “smokies”, a delicacy made by charring sheep or goat with a blow torch.
Yet a Freedom of Information request to Hackney Council reveals the last enforcement visits to premises concerning illegal meat in the whole borough took place in 2009.
It is disgusting and outrageous that the local authorities don’t take action” Dr Yunes Teinaz Environmental health expert
“This is shocking, I am just so shocked to see so much of it,” said Paul Povey, one of the UK’s leading experts in meat hygiene and inspections and a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, who examined the meat for the BBC.
“It’s all illegal and hasn’t undergone health control, hasn’t been inspected and may well be contaminated.
“You’ve got to wonder about the contamination level of this meat that anyone’s bringing into their kitchens.”
Hackney Council said it had only received one complaint of illegal meat being sold since 2009 which was not proven.

Source: BBC

True Confession: I’m pregnant for my uncle, he wants me out of his house : Please advice

Dear readers, I’ve long nurtured this pain in my heart and I think it’s high time I let it out.
I am Damilola by name, in my early 20s. My parents died during the Christmas Day bombing by the outlawed Islamic sect, Boko Haram at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger State last year.
Life became miserable for me since their sudden demise. I thought it was end of the world for me before one of my uncles who lives in the northern part of the country came to my ‘rescue.’
I moved into his house with him earlier this year and he promised to see me through in my academic pursuit. I never knew that was the beginning of my problems.
The whole thing started few months back when my uncle’s wife traveled overseas with the children for summer.
Since then, my uncle started acting funny. He’s been constantly demanding of sex from me. In fact, there was an occasion when he invited me to come and sleep in the bedroom with him but I refused. How could I have sex with my father’s younger brother? I asked he but he refused to pay attention.
Since then, I’ve been receiving a lot of threats from him; he even promised to send me back to the village if I don’t succumb.
Precisely in July, I allowed him ‘IN’ after much pressures and threats of beating and sending me back to the village.
Recently, I started feeling dizzy and I told him, he asked me to visit the hospital for a test and the doctor told me that I’m already 7 weeks pregnant.
I told my uncle about the development and he asked me to abort the pregnancy. I’m afraid I, I’ve not done such thing before and the worst of it is that his wife would return by month end. He threatened to throw me out of the house if I don’t terminate the baby.
Please advice me on what to do.

The fear of armed robbers: How Lagos Island residents now live in silent pains

The recent deadly robbery incident in Lagos has brought to the fore the silent pains of some residents who had lately been faced with security challenges.
Although many would agree that the relative peace of the state was disrupted by the incident that left six persons dead and some others robbed of their goods and cash, however, some residents, particularly in and around Victoria Island, Agungi and the many estates along Lekki-Epe Expressway, expressed no surprise at the development.
Some of the residents said that they had endured terrifying experience with armed robbers in neighbourhoods and on the highways for a while, prior to the recent deadly attacks across Lagos, but were not taken seriously by the government and the police.
Therefore, police failure to curb the trend has been blamed for the chaos that unfolded across the state on September 9.
“It only shows that the robbers have grown in confidence,” said a victim of an armed robbery incident in his Victoria Island residence, three weeks ago.

William and Kate Win Injunction Over Kate's Topless Photos

A French court this morning granted an injunction preventing the further publication of the topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. The court hit Closer, the French magazine that first released the photos, with a series of strict punishments for the breach of privacy. See it below...

  1. Closer must not print any more copies of its controversial issue and take the topless pictures off its website
  2. The photos cannot be published in any other magazines or papers in France
  3. The photographs cannot be sold by them to anyone else in the world
  4. Within 24 hours the offending pictures must be handed over to the Palace
  5. Closer would get a 10,000 euro daily fine each time they sell them on or publish them
  6. They will receive the same fine if they don't hand over all images by midday tomorrow
  7. Legal fees of 2,000 euros handed to the Duke and Duchess
Prosecutors are now considering whether there are grounds for criminal charges.

Rihanna, D’Banj, & P-Square Nominated for MOBO Awards 2012

Rita Ora and Emeli Sandé are among the stars leading the way in this year's MOBO Awards nominations.The singers, who have shot to fame after releasing debut albums this year, join Plan B andLabrinth as favourites to win at the event, which celebrates music of black origin in the UK and abroad.The 17th Annual MOBO Awards will take place on 3 November 2012 at Echo Arena in Liverpool.

42-year-old Nigerian man smuggles three teenagers to UK with juju to use as sex slaves

A Nigerian recycling worker smuggled young children into Britain before brainwashing them with African witchcraft to try and force them into prostitution. Osezua Elvis Osolase, 42, is accused of 13 offences of trafficking, Molestation, false imprisonment and intimate activity with a child.

He allegedly cast spells over his three victims, all originally from Nigeria, using juju magic rituals in order to stop them from running away, a court has heard.
He is also alleged to have sexually assaulted the girls – who are now aged 15, 17 and 18 – and it is believed he has many more victims.
Juju refers to traditional West African religions involving objects of superstition and witchcraft.
In one case, the court heard, Osolase took the 17-year-old-girl to a place of ‘witchcraft’ in April last year and forced her to bathe using a red cloth and blood.
The girl then had her armpit hair cut, toe and finger nails cut and blood was taken from her right hand before she was told the spell would kill her if she tried to run away.
During the opening of the eight week trial today, Canterbury Crown Court heard the three girls were shipped to the UK from Nigeria in preparation for being sold as LovePeddlers in Italy.
Sara Ellis, prosecuting, said: ‘This case involves allegations in respect of three young Nigerian girls who were trafficked from Nigeria into the UK in order to traffic them out of the UK and to Europe for the purposes of prostitution.
The court heard Osolase, who lives with a German woman in Gravesend, Kent, had found his alleged 17-year-old victim begging on the streets of Nigeria.
The former security guard told her would take her to Britain to help her get an education.
Canterbury Crown Court heard how three girls were shipped to Britain from Nigeria in preparation for being sold as LovePeddlers in Italy
Canterbury Crown Court heard how three girls were shipped to Britain from Nigeria in preparation for being sold as LovePeddlers in Italy
Ms Ellis said: ‘He called himself ‘Victor’ and took her to a large house – a place she described as a “place of witchcraft”.

Are you kidding me - Robbers invade wedding reception in Lagos, shoot female guest

A six-man gang of armed robbers on Saturday reportedly invaded a wedding reception in the Abule-Egba area of Lagos State. They allegedly shot and injured one female guest, after dispossessing guests of valuables, including wedding rings of both the groom and bride.
The incident, according to witness, happened at about 6.45pm when some of the invited guests to the wedding had started leaving. “They used a bus to block the only entrance to the popular event centre located on Olaniyi Street in Abule-Egba before they started dispossessing people of their belongings,” said a witness.

the witness added that there was pandemonium in and around the place as soon as the presence of the hoodlums became obvious to guests in the hall. The criminals robbed the bride and groom of their wedding rings, jewelriy worn by the bride and gift items given to the couple.
The robbery lasted for 15 minutes and policemen only got to the crime scene 15 minutes after the robbers had left, only to arrest everyone on sight.
Eyewitness said: “When the police got to the scene, they arrested everybody in sight including the staff of the event centre. They said we did not come to the station to tell them that we have such centre in the area and that, there was going to be activities there on that day.”

If this is happening during broad day light in a wedding reception, then what is the way forward in Nigeria? should we be scared now to celebrate our wedding or any event? ... am sure the wedding was dis stabilized..too bad and sad.

Source: Daily post

Why I sent Stephanie Packing' - Rev Chris Okotie

Since ending his four year marriage to Stephanie Henshaw in June this year, Pastor Chris Okotie has never really opened up about what led to his decision to end his marriage. There has been a lot of speculations in the media and he finally decided to react to some of it. He gave an exclusive interview to City People magazine through a minister in his church, Rev Grace Funmi Paul, a member of House Hold of God for the past 25 years. It's a long interview but I'm just going to pick some parts I think might interest you all. See it below...
Rev Grace Paul: A blind person knows that my pastor loved his wife, Stephanie, passionately. This year before the separation, he had taken her out of the country at least three times to different places like Dubai, US and so on. He loved her, so did the congregation but the bible says that two cannot walk together except they agree. In the establishment of the kingdom of God, the rules change because the rules are made by God and not by man. So, it didn't have to do with what pastor wanted to do, because left to him, his love will keep him struggling and going at it but if God gives him instruction he has to follow it through.
More when you continue...

60 year old Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai Marries his 35 Year-Old Bride Elizabeth Macheka

Zimbabwean Prime Minister, 60 year-old Morgan Tsvangirai got married to 35 year-old Elizabeth Macheka. The age difference between him and his bride wasn’t the only factor that drew worldwide attention to his marriage.


Just incase you don't know,2face is a year older today!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Islamiyyah consultancy services blogazine and readers wish you many more successful years ahead :) YIPEEEE.

Kidnappers free Edo deputy gov’s spokesman

Kidnappers have freed Mr. Kelly Odaro, the Chief Press Secretary to Edo State Deputy Governor, Pius Odubu.
Odaro was reportedly released on Monday night in the state capital, Benin.
An unconfirmed report said his freedom came after the payment of a N1.5 ransom.
Odaro was kidnapped in front of his house in Benin on Saturday night.
The spokesman of the state police command, Anthony Airhuoyo, said he had no information on the matter.
He promised to make contacts and get back to our correspondents.
More details later.

Source : Punch

8-year-old girl baths housemaid with hot water because of indomie - If an 8 year old girl could do these..then its too bad..parents really have a lot of work to do on there kids..this is wickedness and feeling of being superior.

Onlookers were held with shock and disbelief on Friday, September 7 at Iyaganku Police Division when an eight-year-old girl, Ewaoluwa (surname withheld), was brought to the station for changing the looks of her mother’s housemaid when she allegedly bathed the Togolese girl with hot water for not responding to her call that she needed to eat Indomie in time.
In a case that was said to have been reported on that Friday by a member of Child’s Protection Network, (a non-governmental organisation), Pastor Marcus William, the eight-year-old girl had allegedly poured hot water on the head, neck and back side of the 14-year-old housemaid, whose name was given as Mary Komule, on September 5 for not answering her in time when she asked Mary to make her Indomie.
Acting on this information, policemen and women attached to the Juvenile Welfare section of Iyaganku went to the girl’s parents’ house at Olaniran Fagbemi Street, Joyce B area of Ibadan immediately after receiving the information but was said to have been resisted by the girl’s mother who reportedly told his gateman to tell the police that she was not around. 

20-year-old woman falsely claims she was raped after she regrets having sex


A 20-year-old woman who falsely claimed she was raped by three men because she regretted having sex with them has been jailed for two years.
Rosie Dodd, of Nottingham, claimed the men, who were aged 21, 23 and 25, assaulted her at a home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire, in the early hours of a Saturday in June.
The trio were arrested after Dodd claimed they had all raped her after she met them on a night out in the city – and they spent a total of nearly 50 hours in police custody before being released on bail.
The men maintained Dodd had willingly had sex with them – and police became suspicious after carrying out further inquiries, challenging Dodd about her account.
Dodd then admitted she had made up the rape claims because she regretted having consensual sex with the trio, Nottingham Crown Court was told today.
Detective Constable Gina Farrell led the investigation for Nottinghamshire Police and slammed Dodd after the hearing for never showing ‘an ounce of remorse’ for what she put the men through.
She said: ‘We take every report of rape and sexual assault extremely seriously, just as we did in this case. But it soon became apparent that there were inconsistencies with Dodd’s account.

OYATO: D'banj featured on Kanye West's 'Cruel Summer' CD inlay + there Aladin and the forty thieves dressing is quite funny to me and made me laugh but its nice tho

D'banj is not only featured in the new album's CD inlay, he's standing front and centre beside Kid Cudi. Kanye is at the back behind Kid. "Cruel Summer" GOOD music compilation album out today in stores! Sept 18th - http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/download/

President Goodluck Jonathan threatens to Withdraw National Honours from Holders with Questionable Character

The conferrment of national honours on some Nigerians has been greeted with mixed reactions as some people have questioned the charcters of people chosen to receive these awards.
Yesterday, while addressing Nigerians after the investiture on 155 persons who received the 2012 national honours, President Goodluck Jonathan directed the National Honours Committee to compile a list of persons conferred with national honours whose current credibility is questionable. He threatened that the Federal Government would withdraw the honours from conferees that lacked credibility.
“The dignity, honour and respect of the national honours must never be tarnished. In the light of the foregoing, I have directed that the National Honours Committee compile a list of persons conferred with the national honours but that their current credibility is questionable. If they are found wanting, our prestigious honours will be withdrawn.
“This is essential in ensuring that holders of National Honours are truly worthy representations of our national values and honour, and especially are patriotic Nigerians or real friends of Nigeria,” Punch quoted him as saying.

Nigerian Court Sentences Actor to 3 Months in Jail for Engaging in Homosexual Acts

In November 2011, the Nigerian Senate passed a strict law banning same-sex marriage and public display of affection by gays and lesbians in Nigeria.
According to provisions of the bill – Same Sex Marriage (prohibition) bill 2011 – a 14-year jail term is prescribed for convicted offenders in Nigeria.
“Persons who entered into a same sex marriage contract or civil union commits an offence and are each liable on conviction to a term of 14 years imprisonment.

Nigeria's Got Talent Debuts

We’ve been waiting to see the fun and excitement that producers of Nigeria’s Got Talent promised us some weeks back, and finally on Sunday, September 16, 2012, TV audiences were treated to a different experience as Nigeria’s Got Talent Season 1 debuted.
The show was hosted by Andre Blaze while judges, Nollywood Superstar Kate Henshaw, Radio darling Dan Foster and film maker Yibo Koko reviewed performances...

LOBATAN: Lizard causes stir during commissioner’s burial

A burial ceremony in honour of the former Cross River State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Mr. Raymond Obeten, was disrupted on Saturday in Obubra Local Government Area, when a giant lizard dropped from the rooftop.
Obeten, who was the immediate past commissioner in the ministry, died on August 29 at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital from liver complications.
At the burial ceremony, several people scampered to safety with some screaming on the top of their voices when the lizard fell and dashed towards the crowd.
The incident brought the burial proceedings to a halt as the cleric who was conducting the farewell mass was taken aback and had to step aside to ask what the matter was.
However, one of the villagers, who identified himself as Mr. Obongha, said the crowd which consisted of relatives of the deceased and his kinsmen from Adun and neighbouring villages, were afraid because they read superstitious meaning into the incident.
“For a diabolical society like ours, the death of a person is always attributed, not to an ailment but one person or an amorphous factor. So, people get scared when something strange, no matter how ordinary, occurs during burial,” he said.
Also, the younger brother to the deceased, Mr. Otaba Obeten, alluded to this when he said the demise of his elder brother was “mysterious and its source could not be far from the tussle currently going on in the village.”
But the commotion did not bother the state Deputy Governor, Mr. Efiok Cobham, who was already seated and awaiting the arrival of Governor Liyel Imoke.
In his farewell message, Imoke eulogised his former aide, saying he took his job seriously.
Imoke said, “Ray Power, as we called him in the State Executive Council, was close to me. He was one person that had great sense of humour because during debate he would not make his speech without a joke that would send us all laughing, no matter how serious the matter was.”
The governor called on the family and the people of Adun, the deceased immediate community, to remain united no matter what differences that might exist between them.
He consoled the deceased’s wife, Helen, and his two children, David and Odam, and asked them to remain humble and focused so that their father’s expectation and desire for them would come to pass.


The Nollywood & African Film Critic Awards 2012 took place September 16th at The Carolina Theatre,North Carolina USA.Actor Van Vicker and actress Angela Okorie were the host of the event.
A-list actress,writer and producer Uche Jombo won Best Actress (in a leading movie"Damage") and Best Movie Award for her Trilogy movie "Damage".
Congrats to her and other winners!!!


Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele-Oloyede, who turned 35 on Friday, August 24, 2012, was recently treated to a surprise birthday party organised by her beau,Almaroof Oloyede.
The actress, who was reportedly whisked away after a hard day on the set of her upcoming movie, ‘Oro Omo’ was shocked when she found out about the plan, but soon got over the surprise and settled down to fully enjoy her party.
Dressed in a bright red dress with ruffles, Funke smiled as she posed with her five different cakes, the most elaborate of which was the Louis Vuitton cake…

“I want my wife’s condition be kept private” – Jonathan bans governors from seeing First Lady

Cracks have emerged in the camp of ailing first Lady, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, as Mr. President gave a strict instruction to the German hospital that a delegation of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), which recently visited Germany where the First Lady being hospitalized should have no access to First Lady.
A highly reliable source confirmed the governors are not happy that they could not have access or know the current health status of the First Lady whose offices as the First Lady and a Permanent Secretary to the Bayelsa state government remain empty since her departure.
The delegation, led by Governor Rotimi Amaechi, included Governors Sullivan Chime of Enugu, Babangida Aliyu of Niger, Jonah Jang of Plateau, Kashim Shettima of Borno and Ibrahim Shema of Katsina States.
The source said, “The governors, though in Germany for a different reason, had hoped to extend the African courtesy and hospitality to the first lady when they received the cold treatment from the ambassador.”
Another reliable source said Ambassador Abubakar following Jonathan’s instruction barred the governors from seeing the First Lady, insisting that his wife’s condition be kept entirely “private and secret.”
“The ambassador and other officials at the Nigerian embassy in Germany made sure they kept Mrs Jonathan’s whereabouts and condition secret,” the source said. “The governors became frustrated and stopped trying.” The source
Spokesperson to the president, Reuben Abati and his Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe declined comment on the issue.