Thursday, 4 October 2012

STUNNING: Nigerian Music Star, Terry G Re-brands Image – Check Out His Funky New Look

The zany Nigerian artiste Terry G has shown us that there are different sides to him and he is willing to step out of the box. Tiannah Styling worked on the image re-branding of Terry G as part of the promotion drive for his new hit singles. The idea was to change his fashion style, giving him a subtle blend of fierce and sophisticated.
What do you think about Terry G’s new look?

Obama vs Romney: Romney wins first presidential debate?

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney squared off in their first face-to-face presidential debate last night Wednesday Oct 3rd, and according to CNN phone poll, Romney won by a margin. 67% for Romney and 25% for Obama

Romney needed a win, and from what I'm reading online, it looks like he got it. I didn't watch the debate...was sleeping...but they say Romney came out swinging. Did you watch the debate? What is your view.