Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The way people apply blush lately as been awful, so i thought i should teach my dear fans how to apply blush properly :

Firstly find the exact spot on your cheeks by smiling or sucking your cheeks in. Start the application of blush at the middle of your apple and apply it on to the corner of your eye and your temple. Blush should stay above the bottom of your nose. It should not be any closer in than the iris of your eye. Your eyes will have a sparkle in them if you apply the blush higher up on your cheeks.

Once the blush is applied, you can blend it with the help of a dry make up sponge. If there is any uneven lines of blush on your face, you can get rid of it by using the edge of the sponge as an eraser.

Do not apply blush below the level of your cheek bones. In case you do this, that would make you look older by the appearance of bringing your face down.

Change the blush as the seasons change!! During cold season, rich and deeper colors would be appropriate. For sunny season, paler tones would be suitable.

Note for oily skin:
If you are oily skinned, then you may find your blush darkening as the day ages. This is caused because of the skin absorbing the color of the blush. You can avoid this from happening by applying pressed translucent powder regularly through the day.

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