Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Every woman wishes to have her eyes framed by long, thick lashes. It is more practical and convenient to maintain your own natural eyelashes than to invest time and money in fake ones. Even if Mother Nature has neglected them, you can still achieve the effect of long, curled lashes if you give them some proper care.

If you have forgotten about the eyelash brush laying at the bottom of your cosmetics bag, now is the time to bring it out and find its uses. It is recommended that the eyelashes be brushed twice a day from root to tip.
Eyelashes also love castor oil, so it will be wise to keep a flask in your medicine cabinet. At night before you go to sleep, ask a member of your family to rub some castor oil on your lashes, while you keep your eyes closed. Remove it after 10 minutes with a cotton ball or pad and repeat for weeks with few days interval.

There is another homemade recipe that will make you proud of your eyelashes. Mix 10 grams of Vaseline, 7 grams of castor oil and 0.25 grams of tannin. Apply mixture daily to make your eyelashes grow and become silky soft.
Never cut your eyelashes, even if their tips are sun burnt. This will not make them grow longer.

Additional makeup tips
If you wish to avoid your eyelashes clinging together while applying mascara, keep the brush vertical instead of horizontal. This way you can almost cover each lash individually.
To make your lashes look optically thicker, trace their base with dark-brown pencil eyeliner.

It is often thought that putting makeup on the lower lashes makes the eyes look smaller. This is possible in some cases. The best way to find out is to try it on yourself and see how you like the result. It is quite possible that putting makeup on your lower lashes will be the touch that gives your gaze depth and a hint of mystery.


A whole lot of muslims eat dates because it is the tradition of our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), sure he knew the benefits of dates because according to the hadiths it was alway eaten in their days, and he also narrated that one of the best way a muslim can break his/her fast is with dates or water (so you know) plus it has a lot of spritual rewards too if you give them to people, it is very common among the nothern tribes,saudi arabians and many muslim countries, i eat it too but not regularly not till i found out it has loads of health benefits. It is so awesome and unbelieveable that a small fruit like that can do a whole lot, you can bet i love being healthy and i buy as much as possible whenever i can, the good part is it is not very scarce, it is mostly pushed around by local sellers who sells it in wheel barrows and for muslims you can get it from the dates sellers (mallams) before or after jumat service and please buy as much as you need for a week because after reading the health benefits,you will sure be looking for more + it has a sweet taste *wink*.

Here are the various health benefits of dates: