Monday, 29 October 2012

INTERVIEW: 'I'm super single, don't know what Romance is anymore' - DENCIA

Singer Dencia is "super single" !!!

In this interview ,she opens up on rumored cosmetic surgery,fighting with her friend,breaking into the American video scene and love.

Read excerpts from the BN conducted interview below

So Dencia, even though you’ve had just a few singles released and are still fresh in the industry, you’ve had a fair share of media attention. For instance, I read in the news that you had a physical fight with your friend, Liz Garvy at an event in Lagos sometime last year? Is this true and what led to it?The whole media wahala came from a bitter ex friend who went around trying to lie and defame my character after everything I did for her. God will pay her in 7D. Then came other little things here and there that I didn’t address or talk about because I am the type of person who stays focused, I don’t let cheap talks distract me, my eyes are on the price.

Also I was the new kid on the block, the media was doing what they do best so I really wasn't worried as I knew that came with what I signed up for.

Also, there have been speculations that you have undergone a breast enhancement surgery. Is this true?

I don’t want to talk about it.

I understand your inhibitions but your silence would only trigger more speculations and comments.

I don’t need people to concentrate on those things that aren’t important. Whatever they wanna say is OK. They can comment but I have decided that I’m not talking about irrelevant things. Whether I address it or not, people will talk so I’d rather not.

Fine, but you have to tell me the secret to your tiny waist. How did you achieve this?

I workout a lot. I do a lot of squats and work on my abs a lot, that’s like my main exercise. I don’t know but my waist just stays tiny and I love it. My waist and hands don’t fan weight but the workouts do help a lot. My waist is 22 inches.

Let’s talk romantic now. Who is the leading man in Dencia’s life at the moment?

She wishes she had a leading man. Forget the cliché thing all females always say they’re single. I am super single and I have been for so long I don’t even know what romance is anymore. I hope I can still kiss. But trust me, you’ll know when she finds love. I’m a sucker for love and I flaunt it.

You are one of the few African artistes who had their Twitter accounts verified recently. What do you think made you earn this?

Twitter verifies people they think deserve verification and have worked hard somehow to earn the recognition. I was amazed at people’s reactions. 90% of them didn’t know me and still don’t know. They don’t know what I’ve done in the industry back in America that gave me the pass but honestly it wasn’t a big deal. I knew some how I’ll get verified from the first day I joined Twitter. I actually hoped it was sooner

Take me back to your days as a video vixen. What attracted you to feature in music videos and which videos did you feature in?

Doing music videos came really easy for me. It all started in 2008 in Miami during Spring Bling when Soulja boy took me on stage and I was on there all through for three days. I got to meet a lot of rappers and singers and that Ray J picture that was on Linda Ikeji’s blog claiming was taken last year was in 2008.
 I moved to LA in Fall 2008 and by that Summer I knew everyone and their mama in the industry. I actually did a few videos only. That wasn’t what I wanted but the pay was good and the opportunity was cool too. I did 50 cents and Jeremih Down On Me, Chris Brown Yeah 3x, Quincy Jones’ Soul Bossa Nostra featuring Ludacris among others, Baby Bash’s Fantasy Girl, Hollywood Undead, Pharrell Williams and more. It was fun while it lasted

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