Monday, 29 October 2012

Foluke Daramola supports Fashola on Okada ban

Following the controversy generated by the new traffic laws introduced by the Lagos State government, Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has added her voice in support of the government’s decision.
In a press release issued on Monday, October 22, 2012, by Change Agents of Nigeria Network, a non-governmental group, she said the criticism that followed the ban is from individuals who she describes as selfish, inhuman and uninterested in the safety of Lagosians. According to Daramola, who is the group’s spokesperson, the new traffic law is a welcome development towards restructuring the transport system and must be given utmost support.
An excerpt of the statement says ‘Those who are criticizing the LASG the implementing the new traffic laws should ask themselves why is it that it is only the okada riders and their dangerous, criminal and frustrating menace that are refusing to be regulated when the law is for all traffic operations in the state? Why is it that it is only the Okada riders that want to continue to flout the laws in the state, all in the name of survival, poverty and unemployment?

She said all Lagosians ‘must realise that the first responsibility of any responsible and ideal government is to provide security and safety for all its citizens. Few people, all because they want to survive, cannot continue to impose a jungle and frustrating life on all of us. Any government that fails to secure her people will always be a definition of failure.’
Daramola is the publicity secretary of Change Agents of Nigeria Network, founded by activist, Kayode Salako. Foluke made her first movie appearance in Fidelis Duker’s ‘Blood Brothers’ and has since featured in numerous movies.
Here is an extract of the release issued by the group:
‘BRF’s government is very right! Any okada man that wants to continue to frustrate and kill Lagosians is evil and deserves to lose his own economic life too. It is constantly in the bible that ‘And ye shall obey the LAW and that LAW shall set you free!’ Any okada man that wants to continue to break the Lagos traffic law must GO away from Lagos or find something else to do… It is very unfair that the Lagos State government, like some states in Nigeria, cannot ban okada and yet, cannot REGULATE or RESTRICT their operations. We are the ones asking for an ideal, safe, sanitised and peaceful Lagos. Some of us are still the ones encouraging Okada and Danfo menace to continue to frustrate and destroy our socio-economic life everyday in Lagos. This is an aberration!…The disadvantages of Okada menace is far more apparent and weightier than its much acclaimed advantages!…The LASG is very right! Let the implementation of the traffic laws continue!

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