Monday, 8 October 2012

Jonathan decorates new service chiefs; charges them to fight terrorism

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday decorated the new Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Ibrahim; the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba; and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh, with a marching order to deal decisively with terrorism and oil theft.

President Jonathan, who decorated the new military chiefs with the assistance of Vice-President Namadi Sambo at the Council Chambers of State House, Abuja, said they must put an end to both vices.

“I will like to use this forum to specially charge you to raise the many security challenges confronting our nation today, the president said.
“More specifically the Chief of Naval Staff along with his officers and men have the honourable responsibility of up scaling security in our territorial waters. The unacceptable rising incidences of crude theft must be tackled frontally. Even the direct adverse implication of the activities of crude oil theft on our national economy, I expect the Chief of Naval Staff and other serving Chiefs to immediately go to work to urgently bring the issue of crude oil theft to an end.
“May I further reiterate that the security of life and properties in all parts of this country is a sacred obligation which our administration will do everything in its power to live up to. We can’t allow threat to National Security to compromise our National transformation effort.

Heavy fighting reportedly ongoing between JTF and Boko Haram in Maiduguri

Reports from Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, indicate that multiple explosions and gunshots are occurring around Lagos street and Gwange area of the Maiduguri metropolis.
A resident of the area informed PREMIUM TIMES that an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, may have been planted in the area targeting a Joint Task Force, JTF, patrol team and probably exploded. He said the gunshots that followed could be from the members of the JTF.
People are at present running away from the area which witnessed heavy fighting last week between officers of the JTF and insurgents of the Boko Haram sect which led to the near-total evacuation of residents from the once heavily populated area.
Efforts to reach the spokesperson of the JTF, Sagir Musa, were unsuccessful.

More details as they unfold.
Source: Premium Times

WICKED - They just stood there and watched + Faces of some of the murderers

Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, lovers and friends just stood there and watched four young men being bludgeoned to death. What a shame!SUCH HEARTLESSNESS...

UNIPORT Murder: Tekena Elkannah Buried In The Forest

The Accused UNIPORT students
The coverage of the brutality and viscous violence endured by Ugonna, Llyod, Elkannah and Chidiaka- all students of the University of Port Harcourt- has reached a crescendo with people from all walks of life condemning the savage brutality that led to their deaths.

Cruise Nigeria has been keeping tabs on the aftermath of the barbaric act and have spoken to a family member of Elkannah Tekena who explained how still shocked and horrified the entire family is.

The family member for has asked Cruise Nigeria to reveal her identity, revealed that Elkannah was buried two days ago after extensive stitches to his burnt and severely battered body.

“Yes, he’s been buried.” The family member confirmed, “We recovered his body and we stitched it the best as we could… It’s shocking the amount of brutality he and those boys endured. His body was beaten beyond repair, but yes, we’ve buried him. We’re from Kalio Ama in Okirika Local Government Area, and in our custom, if you have endured the brutality, injuries and violence Elkannah endured, your body cannot be buried in town. So our 19-yr old boy was taken across and deep into the forest to be buried.”

Murder of 4 UNIPORT students: An exclusive story behind their death

The brutal murder of the Four students of the University of Port Harcourt has become a major source of worry to many Nigerians who feel that human lives have no value as far as the country is concerned.
Since the incident, many people have advocated for the immediate arrest of those behind the heinous act and possibly charge them if found guilty. While some have continued to advocate for death sentence, others advocate for life imprisonment.
However, Daily Post investigation reveals that none of the four murdered students was involved in robbery or any kind of pilfering. Our correspondent spoke with an anonymous colleague of the late Llyod and Ugo whom he said were aspiring musicians and his colleagues.


Ugonna(Tipsy) and Llyod (Big L)
This is a song by Ugonna and Llyod ,two of the uniport victims murdered...such talents wasted!can't even listen to the song..i feel that bad an sad...
#RIP #Justiceforaluu4
Meanwhile,the Commissioner for information Ibim Semenitari says the traditional ruler of Aluu community and 12 suspects has been arrested. According to reports, he ordered the killing of the boys. The order for arrest was given by the state governor Chibuike Ameachi.
DOWNLOAD heart of the city ft yetty,big-l and tipsy

Eye Care for Computer Users cause am sure almost everybody's a computer user.

Photo: Eye Care for Computer Users~

Computers have become indispensable in work place. Professionals spend more time working at computer workstations. The combination of fixed and constrained body postures, work overload and unsuitable workstations can lead to health problems like aches and pains in the shoulders, forearm, wrist, hand, back & neck pain and eyes strain.

Normal blink rate in human is 16-20 per minute. When this blink rate gets reduced to 6-8 blinks/minute, it results in dry eyes. Near focusing for long hours causes eye strain. Early presbyopia (need for reading glasses) sets in. Other symptoms include headache, eye strain, blurred vision, dry or irritated eyes, double vision, light sensitivity, neck ache, back aches etc.

The pre disposing factors which mainly cause discomfort are

1.Work place conditions
2.Working habits
3.Visual conditions
4.Nature of work
5.Length of time spent at computer
6.Reduced blinking rate
7.In co ordination between design of work station and design of glasses.

A Good Chair: Feet should rest on the floor. Angle should be of 90 degrees at the knee. Arm rest is desirable. Back rest must support the area from the upper ridge of the pelvis to the shoulder blades.The curve in the back rest must support the hollow in lower back. An adjustable tilt is desirable.

Lighting - Required illumination on the working surface. Lower level illuminance for general areas. (3:1ratio) 

Eye Care Tips for computer users and professionals~

Monitor should be more than 5 inches from the eyes.

Ideal viewing area is 6 inches below the horizontal eye level.

Work with fonts of darker shades on light background.

Attach an anti-glare screen in front of the monitor.

Use screen mounted document holder at the same plane.

Use suspended lights from ceiling & windows with curtains to avoid light hitting directly on eyes.

Avoid sitting in front of AC or in a room with low humidity.

20-20-20 rule - Take short breaks for your eyes every 20 minutes between your work for 20 seconds and look 20 feet away.

Give proper rest to the eyes – Close your eyes for 20 seconds at least every half an hour.

Correct near vision with glasses.

Use of Anti reflective coating glasses can reduce glare from a monitor.

Contact lens users need to lubricate their eyes frequently.

Lastly working at the computer is not harmful to eyes, but make sure to examine your eyes at least once a year. —

Computers have become indispensable in work place. Professionals spend more time working at computer workstations. The combination of fixed and constrained body postures, work overload and unsuitable workstatio
ns can lead to health problems like aches and pains in the shoulders, forearm, wrist, hand, back & neck pain and eyes strain.
Normal blink rate in human is 16-20 per minute. When this blink rate gets reduced to 6-8 blinks/minute, it results in dry eyes. Near focusing for long hours causes eye strain. Early presbyopia (need for reading glasses) sets in. Other symptoms include headache, eye strain, blurred vision, dry or irritated eyes, double vision, light sensitivity, neck ache, back aches etc.

The pre disposing factors which mainly cause discomfort are

Tee Mac Invites Wrath By Alleging Bishop Oyedepo Of Winners Church Is Fraudulent!

TEE-MAC and Bishop Oyedepo
Tee Mac Iseli is no stranger to the Nigerian Media, being a musician and former PMAN President, he is generally a known celebrity. He has also been in the news quite recently, with a few scandalous stories linked to him, like that concerning Shan George, who recently accused some married actresses of sleeping around with men like dogs herself, was said to have been making romantic overtures to Tee Mac’s 21-year-old son. She was alleged to have slept with four members of Tee Mac’s band, who we learnt were young guys, during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa in 2010. Oh man, that isn’t even possible, lordy! Anyways moving right along, the point is that Tee mac hasn’t been a stranger to controversial issues in recent times.

Lionel Messi denies the story of the birth of his new child

Messi and Girlfriend
We brought you a story of Leonel Messi’s girlfriend who gave birth to his son but the Barcelona striker has released a statement via his Facebook page addressing the news which had already gone viral online.
Statement read:
My family and I thank you all for the comments and messages of affection that we have received today, but we want to make it clear that the information circulating that my son has been born is completely false. A hug to everyone!

Amber Rose looking Pretty Pregnant

Kanye West missed out on this babe ..she's hot..lucky wiz khalifah :-)

15 persons escape death in Ogun bus crash

Fifteen persons escaped death on Monday morning on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway when their bus veered off the road into the bus.
The Mazda bus, in which they were travelling to Lagos, lost a propeller near the Sagamu Interchange, forcing the vehicle to plunge into the bush.
Ogun State Sector Commander, Ayobami Omiyale, who broke the news on a programme on Lagos Trafiic Radio, said 15 of the occupants of the bus sustained varying degrees of injury.
He said they were all taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Opinion: Thank you Nigeria, Nigerians are now lawless

If I can provide my own water, provide my own electricity; if I have to pay for security and ‘ndi nche’; then, I can as well execute justice myself. Thus, jungle justice.
Yes, many of you have watched the video and probably seen the pictures of some UNIPORT students burnt alive by Aluu villagers in Rivers state, Nigeria for allegedly stealing phones, laptops in an off-campus hostel of the university.
Before I proceed further, I am warning you to stop if you don’t have eyes for the truth, just stop now, stop reading. I do not intend to mince words in this article, I do not intend to follow any rules of writing. I do not intend to mesmerise you with good sentences and big vocabularies. No time. I just want to say what I feel, the way i want to say it. And, yes, I don’t give a fuck whose ox is goared, yes I said ‘fuck’. The so called, well-mannered Olisa who speaks nicely and respectfully dare speak in a vulgar way. Fuck the manners. Yes, I said it and you will probably see lots of it in this write. So, if you choose to proceed, i’m not responsible for anything you read o. Ayaf talk my own.
Why isn’t anyone taking this matter seriously. Oh! You all think they were criminals and received their wage in death abi, but a cruel one. As much as so many watched this wicked act of justice and felt pity, atleast as humans, i’m sure that for some, that feeling of pity was for a moment. Later, the same people would have a contrasting reasoning and would feel satisfied on the treatment meted out to them. If you think they deserved such treatment. Can you honestly say why.

Single: Sinzu – G Check (Freestyle) - DOWNLOAD

sinzu Sinzu   G Check (Freestyle)

Sinzu (formerly Sauce Kid) drops this Freestyle (which is an actual freestyle, not the Nigerian version) titled G Check. He has promised to release a Hip Hop track every week until he is tired for those who think he fell off. Listen below and tell us what you think.


My husband and I got married about 10 years ago. During the first 6 years of our marriage, I had 6 miscarriages. The only thing I ever wanted to do was to be a wife and mother. This was so devastating to me. The doctors could not find out why I kept miscarrying. The longest I held the pregnancy was about 9 weeks. Its like I always expected the worst.

My relationship with God would have its ups and downs. I would pray, fast, and believe, and yet, I would lose another one. If I could only get through that first trimester. The day I went for an ultrasound and the doctor told me my baby had no heartbeat was so divesting to me. Most of the time, I miscarried before I had an ultrasound. I was all alone at that appointment. That was the longest drive home I have ever had. I cried all the way. I couldn’t understand why God would allow me to have the desire to be a mother and yet I couldn’t be. I prayed so hard to either take the desire from me, or to allow me to have a child.

No More “Beef”! Wizkid & Davido to Record Song Together

Wizkid and Davido may finally be putting to rest the rumours of their supposed “beef”. The two were rumoured to have some misunderstanding dating back to when D’Banj and Don Jazzy split. According to reports, the artists had to choose camps and this resulted in a falling out between the two young stars.

Mila Kunis Named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine

The actress is really cute, but the sexiest woman alive? These people have to find a way to limit this their Sexiest Woman/Most Beautiful to Hollywood only! Or at most, the US - not the world! Have they seen our own Omotola? These people should go and sit down jor! 

Davido Records With R2Bees In Ghana!

Word reaches us that Naija’s very own Davido has teamed up with Ghana’s finest, R2Bees, for a hot cut that will feature on the group’s forthcoming, “Revolution II” album.
Paedae of R2Bees exclusively told MsYouTV the track will be called S.O.L.O.
The highly anticipated album will also feature collaborations with Tinchy Stryder, Sarkodie, Wizkid & Samini.

Beautiful Nadia Buari Looks Stunning After Weight Loss

Stunning Gollywood actress Nadia Buari recently showed off her weight loss in a set of stunning promo pix.

Shot in Los Angeles, the diva looked trim in these beautiful shots.
Taking to Twitter, Nadia revealed the secret behind her new look:
just change of meals now, more fruits and veggies(greens)…low carb meals and lots of water! Yoga
more pics after the cut

BIG BOYZZZ THINGZZZ: Eldee & Banky W Chill In The Trybe Records Cadillac Escalade! - WHEN YOU'RE BIGZZ ...YOU'RE BIGZZZ

Eldee took his Trybe Records team out on the town last night in Lagos.
The record label CEO tweeted:
Trybe night out! First stop FAB nominees party…EME shoot,…then to a lucky spot to Po-Po-pop some tins!

D'banj signs another producer to his record label

A few months after signing Jay Sleek to his record label, the super star singer announced on Twitter this morning that he has signed another producer, Divine Ifeanyi, also known as DeeVee, to DB Records.

DeeVee produced K-Switch’s latest single, “Sista Caro”...

All the best .


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Women from Ghana and Thailand landed the top spots as the world’s most unfaithful lovers in a new survey. According to the survey carried out by condom producer Durex on 29,000 women in 36 countries, Malaysian women came third – 39 per cent admitting they often cheat on their mates, behind Ghana (62 per cent) and Thailand (59 per cent).

In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33 per cent) and Singapore (19 per cent) respectively, Star Online reported. Among couples cheating on each other, Malaysia trailed behind South Korea and chart-topper Thailand.

The same survey placed men from Singapore and Hong Kong as being the most promiscuous in Asia, with an average of 16 bed partners in their lifetime.

Charly Boy Back In Nigerian Idol; This Time As Linda

Charly Boy is now Linda, and he or she or it is back as a Nigerian Idol judge. He’ll be going by the name Linda tho. But seriously is charly boy normal?..he is a grand dad ooooo am confused here.anyways more pics after the cut

TRAGEDY: Jim Iyke's Jamaican Girlfriend, Keturah Loses 2 Brother To Police's Bullets, Denies Giving Birth

Click for Full Image Size
Jim Iyke and Ketura Hamilton

This is not the best of times for Jamaican girlfriend of Nollywood 'bad boy' Jim Iyke, Keturah Hamilton, as she recently lost her two brothers to the cold hands of death on the same day no thanks to the Jamaican police for this. The model bitterly told a Jamaican publication that the police, which ought to protect his brother, have allegedly killed them.

"I am aghast at the institutionalized killing of innocent civilians that seems to define the Jamaican police force – the wanton destruction of innocent lives under the guise of trying to prevent crimes. How can you prevent crime when you are actively committing the same crime against people who should ordinarily depend on you for your safety," Keturah queried.

Keturah said that she felt bad that she has to lose her brothers; Sheldon and Nicholas McKenzie in the most horrendous manner.

Rukky Sanda Supports Tonto Musical Career... Pledges For Fans' Support

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The blossoming relationship between the two controversial actresses is gradually paying off,Rukky Sanda was live on Thursday with Shola Ajayi and Uche Okoli –also known as ‘MamaUch’.on REEL-RADIO where she hinted her love for Tonto can't be thwarted by any force. She made a passionate plea to the very angry fans of her 'baby' Tonto Dike to support her career amongst other things.
"Tonto Dike is a good singer, why don't you guys wait and hear her out first before you pass your judgment," she said.

Rukky Sanda also said that she would be dropping three movies before the year runs out. We are waiting.

Heavily Pregnant Mercy Johnson Flaunts Baby Bump...

Click for Full Image Size
Mercy Johnson with Julius Agwu
Sexy and pretty Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, who was reported pregnant few months ago, has posed with her protruding belly. The Kogi State-born thespian was married in August 27, 2011 under heavy controversies of an alleged husband-snatching mess.

Mercy J, as she is also fondly called, posed with comedian, Julius Agwu in the photograph. Mercy is a talented script interpreter that is sought after by many movie producers.

Dangote donates N200 million to flood victims in Kogi State

Click for Full Image Size

The richest man in Africa, Nigeria's Aliko Dangote has donated N200 million to victims of flood in Nigeria’s Kogi state.

The donation is made of N50 million food items and N150 million cash, a total of $1,250,000.

The donation is only a part of the assistance Dangote planned to offer the people of the state. In addition, he planned to empower 1,000 women in each of the 21 local councils in the state, for which he has set aside another N230 million. Each woman, will collect a grant of N10,000, about $65 to start petty business.Click for Full Image Size

UNIPORT Students On Rampage In Aluu Community In Revenge For Students Killed

In related issue to the brutal mob lynch that resulted in the death of four students on Friday, Students of the University of Port Harcourt are attacking an area (Aluu) in Rivers State.
The students are reportedly on rampage, burning markets houses and attacking the community members some of who watched and filmed the horrendous killing of the students with their phones.
The community members took the laws into their hands to serve jungle justice, maybe they are been paid back with same coins.
Meanwhile the government of Rotimi Amaechi reports that some of the lynch mob and even village elders have been arrested.

SHOCKER- Yinka Ayefele 200 Million Naira Music House To be Demolished by Oyo State Government

Yinka Ayefele got a rude shocker this morning when he learnt that his N200m building will be pulled down by the Oyo State Government. According to his publicist, Ayefele was not given any prior notice about the demolition and he was shocked to hear about it this morning. Ayefele went ahead to church and later went to perform at an event as if nothing happened. Many have continued to criticize Gov Ajimobi for his demolition policies.
This N200million naira edifice has in its belly, two magnificent halls, an internet radio station, a standard studio and several offices. It also provides job for about 100 people and that place it among top employers of labor in Oyo State. This is Yinka Ayefele Music House that has being marked for demolition by Oyo State government. The government wants to expand the road to an 8-lane road being proposed by the state government. The road and the house will be affected.


NDLEA Detects N351M Worth of Heroin in Footballs and Rugs

Sniffer dogs of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency have detected three consignments of heroin hidden inside various sizes of balls as well as woollen carpets. The estimated street value of the drug was N351m.

It was also gathered that the heroin, which was imported from Pakistan, had a total weight of 29.260kg.The rug consignment of 14kg came as cargo on a flight while the other two consignments of balls weighing 10.230kg and 5.030kg were imported through another airline.

The goods have been abandoned and no arrest has been made yet. The matter is thoroughly being investigated by the NDLEA.

Opari: Dino Melaye Impregnated Me and wants me to get rid of the pregnancy- Bisi Ibidapo-Obe

Pregnant actress, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe has finally confirmed that former Federal lawmaker; Dino Melaye is the father of the child she is expecting.  Bisi, whose friends besieged her Magodo, Lagos home penultimate Sunday and had a baby shower for her did not only confide in some of her friends  but granted  an interview to E24-7Magazine’s BIODUN KUPOLUYI  during which she  confirmed  the former lawmaker  as the father of the child she’s expecting. She admitted that though her relationship with him was very brief and not planned to bring forth a baby but fate and circumstance proved her wrong.

She also confirmed our story last week that that she met the ex-lawmaker through another actress, Lola Alao. Please click to continue.
” I actually met Dino  through Lola Alao sometime March or early April  and honestly speaking I was in need of help and Lola Alao promised she would introduce me to someone who could help. The

Is Bow Wow Broke? From what i see he sure is...

After a summer tour where he played nearly empty venues, it’s safe to say that not only does Bow Wow lack the appeal of his salad days, but is hurting for cash. According to TMZ, the rapper/actor is indeed in the midst of some financial difficulties, which was confirmed during a child custody hearing this past week.
Standing before a judge, Bow Wow said he was making $4,000 a month, which is a far fall from when the 25-year-old was raking in the money starring in Lottery Ticket, Like Mike and The Fast and the Furious:

Tokyo Drift. He also says that he has only $1,500 in his bank account and owes back taxes since 2006.

TMZ also uncovered documents that confirm the man who is set to be the next host of 106 & Park indeed does have some problems. In 2008, he leased a 2005 Ferrari F430 and by  February, 2009, the leasing company sued him and got a judgment for $216,084.75 for failing to pay for the car and hasn’t forked over what he owes since.

Bow Wow will need to save every penny he gets in order to settle the financial misgivings of his youth.

Robbers invade bank in Ekiti, destroy ATM

ROBBERS on Sunday morning attacked a branch of a first generation bank on Ajilosun Street in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
Our correspondent learnt that the robbers numbering about eight, invaded the bank around 2am, overpowered and locked up two guards inside the bank’s security post.
Witnesses said the robbers gained entry through a window at the back of the banking hall.
Although it was not clear if they succeeded in stealing money from the bank, one of the Automated Teller Machines installed in the premises was destroyed.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Victor Babayemi, who confirmed the incident to our correspondent on the telephone, said the police prevented the hoodlums from entering  the strongroom.
He said, “There was a burglary incident at the UBA on Ajilosun Street. The robbers gained entry after tying the two guards and locking them up. The robbers entered through one of the windows at the back but  a call was put across to our patrol team which responded immediately.
“They left the bank having sensed that our men were coming to the bank.

UNIPORT MURDER : Community Chief and 12 Others Arrested

There is a new twist about the UNIPORT Students Killed on Friday October 5th. Four students were killed by a mob in Aluu Community Port Harcourt for allegedly stealing a laptop and phones. There are reports that twelve people have been arrested in the Aluu Community where four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were on Friday killed. The students names were given as Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka.

The Rivers State commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari tweeted at 4.22pm yesterday from her  handle (@ibimtoby) and she said “PH government is outraged. The

Governor has ordered investigations and already some arrests have been made.”

12 people have been arrested and the Chief of Aluu community has been arrested too and he is in the police custody. The Deputy Registrar of University of Port Harcourt, Williams Modi, said the school will issue a statement once they get all the facts -  the  identities of the victims and what actually transpired on the day of the reported incident.

Residents of the community have started fleeing the area to avoid being arrested.