Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nkiru Sylvanus Reacts To Linda Ikeji’s Post On Her Job Loss, Calls Her Fake And Jobless

Popular Nigerian actress Nkiru Sylvanus has expressed displeasure about a post put up about her by blogger, Linda Ikeji, about how she lost her appointment as special assistant to Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha. She claims that the news and all that it insinuates is totally false and malicious. She actually went on a rant and called the blogger names. In her own words:
‎”I am aware that one fake, jobless, blogger called LINDA IKEJI has been peddling news about me saying I lost my appointment with IMO STATE GOVT, for the record I was the Lagos liaison officer, SSA Lagos affairs which has been taken by Lisa and I am now SSA on public affairs and this happened 5 months ago when there was a cabinet reshuffle. For my fans who still love and believe in me, God will always be faithful. for those who want my down fall, sorry am the wrong person cos I stand tall and strong.”
The post that upset her:
“I heard from very reliable sources that actress Nkiru Sylvanus has lost her appointment as the special assistant to governor Rochas Okorocha on Lagos Matters. Yes, there’s a position like that! :-) The Abia state born actress had been battling several people since her appointment last year, who felt she didn’t deserve the position as a non-Imo state indigene and also because they felt the appointment was meaningless and unnecessary as they didn’t understand her job specification. They also felt she got the appointment because of her ‘friendship’ with the governor and not because she knew anything about running a public office. These people worked tirelessly to get her out of government house, and if what I’m hearing is correct, they’ve succeeded.”
Apparently the report by Linda Ikeji was false according to the Imo State Blog. But really, it makes no sense that she’s disputing what Linda Ikeji said because she repeated the same thing, in a roundabout way. The blogger said she lost her job as the special assistant on Lagos matters, Nkiru Sylvanus says she didn’t lose the post but that she relinquished it to someone named Lisa, and has another job title now, Special assistant on Public Affairs. This is all semantics. Maybe what Linda Ikeji should have said was that she has been promoted and not that she lost the job. SMH! I’m even confusing myself right now. :D
Governor Rochas announced a minor cabinet reshuffle, hence Nkiru Sylvanus’s new post. On how it has been working for he governor, the actress says she’s constantly mapping out new strategies to make the most of her portfolio in the interest of the state.
“I tell people that his Excellency is a man saddled with the burden of turning things around for the Imolites. (yes, I saw that word on the blog)
Oh wow! :D , Girl fight. :D Lol. C’mon girls, it aint that big a deal.

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