Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Muna Abii’s Milky Mammaries Cause Outrage

The Nigerian blogosphere did not spare former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria turned Rapper/Musician, Muna Abii today, when pictures of her dressed in a rather revealing, with a lot of cleavage on display flooded the internet. Cringe worthy insults have been hurled her way, she has being verbally mauled, maligned and massacred, so much so, that I wonder at her present state of mind. Alas, *big sigh*, these are steep prices to be paid for stardom or the more commonly bandied word, “celeb-dom”.

I have studied blogs and one of the most ironical thing is that, it isn’t really much what you blog about, it is how many comments are written underneath your post. When people visit your blog, they tend to almost skip the article and head straight to the comments which are undoubtedly more interesting that the issue being debated upon. The more comments people see, the more they want to add to the comments. Sometimes they deviate from the subject entirely. Totally amusing and entertaining though. The most common attitude is insulting people.
The internet unfortunately enables us to hide behind a curtain of anonymity and allow the most vile part of us to come to the fore. Spewing hate and pure evil. Where do we draw the line? :(
Moving on, this delectable lady wowed us just a couple of days ago, when she shared a few pictures from a photo shoot in the United States. People oohed and ahhed over her and today they made a total 360 degree negative turn. Are a few harmless pictures taken with friends and shared worthy enough to inspire such malicious words? How come other celebrities get away with much worse? Like smoking in music videos, overtly sexual pictures and personas, etc? Why the huge outcry over a sole picture which was taken? It isn’t like she’s notorious for raunchy pictures already, this is just a one-off. Unless she continues being inappropriate, I really don”t see any reason for all the drama.
Controversial picture. She’s real hawt tho’ ^_^
Yes the cleavage baring top is tacky, but is that enough for all the abuse heaped on her today? Looking at the pictures, the first thing that would actually come to my mind is, oh wow, so full, did she get a boob job? And not go screaming and calling her names. Not justifying it but Beyonce( no one crucified her o) has worn worse and yet, Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America thinks she is the perfect woman, worthy of emulation by his daughters. Y’all should chill man. :D ...but to me chaiii this is too much jare....

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