Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Akon and new girlfriend visit venice on a romantic date

Akon and Mystery girlfriend
Konvict Music founder and star Senegalese singer, Akon was spotted  in Venice, Italy getting cuddly with his newest mystery girlfriend. Akon was just recently in Lagos partying with Nigerian stars which included Konvict Music ensigned Wizkid. 
The star singer and his mystery chick, who rocked a pair of studded-leopard Louboutin booties, took a long romantic  ride beaming with smiles. The trip was one stop the couple made before Akon’s concert in Abu Dhabi. Though it is not clear how many wives/girlfriends/fiances Akon has or has had, he recently declared paternity of two sons in Georgia and disclosed marrying more than one wife over a year ago.
However, He gave his new love interest the 5-star treatment, tweeting the pic (below) saying: ‘Relaxing in my luxurious hotel in Venice, Italy.’

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