Monday, 5 November 2012

Federal Government wants to ban Postinor 2? and 2 face didn't find it funny when his name was mentioned hehehe but with all the kids he has his fans should know 2face no dey run for pickin na ..abegi leave 2baba alone

Wait oh! Federal Government wants to ban postinor2??
If this is true then the price of condom will rise oh lol
Rumours that the federal government is planning to ban birth control pill, Postinor 2, which prevents unwanted pregnancy 24hrs after unprotected sex (don't ask me how i know, google is your friend)  due to its side effects.
Oh well, 9ja youths obviously didn't find it funny and they unleashed their anger on twitter ,it didn't end there lol they decided to mention my rainbow 2face lol(he is my rainbow pls) #kidding .
He didn't find it funny atol!

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