Monday, 5 November 2012

20-Year-Old Houseboy Defiles Employer's 6-Year-Old Daughter!- This is evil but also when will mothers learn? please stop leaving your female child with house boys,uncles,lesson teachers the world of today almost all men are evil, so lets be more cautious with our daughter and who we leave them with,so we do not end up giving away their dignity in a painful way due to our negligence

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dopemu residents of Surulere, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, must be regretting their action when they employed a 20-year old boy, Obong Thompson as their houseboy. Reason: Thompson recently defiled their six-year old girl while the parents were away to their offices.

How can any mother leave her 6 year old child alone with a houseboy? Continue reading...
PM News investigation revealed that while the girl’s parents were away at work, the houseboy allegedly grabbed his boss’ six-year old daughter (name withheld) pulled off her clothes and had carnal knowledge of her.

When Mr. and Mrs. Dopemu returned from work, they noticed their daughter’s unusual mood. They later discovered blood in her private part.

The matter was reported to the police at Bode Thomas Divisional Headquarters. Thompson was arrested and investigated.

In his confessional statement, the suspect allegedly wrote: “When both of us were at home alone, I saw her body naked. I was charged and emotionally carried away.

He was arraigned before a family court sitting at Tinubu, Lagos Island.

Source: PM News

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