Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Kate Middleton Topless Photographer To Be Arrested

The photographer who took the topless photographs of Kate Middleton while she was on holiday in France will reportedly be arrested by the French police.
The paparazzo’s name has been handed over to French authorities who are investigating the incident, it emerged last night.
A source close to the case was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: “A name has been offered… The photographer is expected to be held for question[ing]… Imminently.”
French public prosecutor Marie-Christine Daubigney said: “This new information regarding the photographer will be passed on to investigating magistrates.”

Meanwhile, a British tabloid has quoted a royal source as saying: “William and Kate are determined to bring the person who took those photos to justice and they’re pushing hard for a custodial sentence. They want to make an example of this person.”
If found guilty, the photographer could be jailed for up to a year and fined £36,000 for breach of privacy.
Meanwhile, it has since been suggested that the paparazzo who took the photographs was an Englishman, thought to live in the south of France.

Source : Glamour Mag

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