Friday, 21 September 2012

True Confession: He met her on Twitter, now his life is a complete mess

After that Yemi (@Losgiddy) story,I made up my mind to share this story about the experience one of my friends(Femi) had. He met this virgin babe on twitter early this year,they started from RTing each other’s tweets to admiring each other’s avatars to DM then BBM,to calling and visiting each other (only the girl visits though). Femi never had the intention to go out with the babe (hausa babe named Abiba but grew up in Ibadan) but he was desperate to get into this fine babes pant & as he’s a fine boy,it was easier for him.

After about 4weeks of lies and persistence,Femi finally convinced Abiba that he was genuinely in love with her so she decided to allow him disvirgin her but before then she made him promise just 1 thing; Never to cheat on her. Of cos,Femi was konjified&couldn’t think straight,so he promised..Only few weeks after dating,Femi started setting other twitter P,Abiba confronted him really shedding tears but he denied,she told him to swear which he did & told the girl to do whatever she likes to him if he cheats.
After 3months and some days, Abiba caught Femi having sex with another girl in his apartment,she was heartbroken so the left the scene. Before we knew what was happening,she deleted Femi off BBM,closed her twitter account (@Abyxxba92) & her number has never been reachable since then. Weeks after the incident,Femi had a serious accident with his EOD,his apartment got burnt,so he was evicted and Femi has been living a nightmare,praying for a miracle. Dunno if its just a coincidence or Abiba is a witch but Femi’s life is meaningless at the moment if U know the where about of @Abyxxba92 please holla.
Guys please set P with caution. Karma is real,Girls have ELEDA (Creator) like yoruba people will say,be warned. Please RT the story to everyone on your TL to read,we all need to learn,don’t let another person on your TL be a victim.
I am @Obafreshlord on Twitter.

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