Friday, 21 September 2012

READER’S Mail :- I have Not Had Sex For 10 Years: Nobody Wants It From Me”

A worried lady decided to throw her question at our readers to help. And your advice may also help Nigerian ladies, who have similar issues. Please be free to write your candid opinion without mincing words.

I am 36 years old, I work with one of the most reputable banks, heading one of their branches in Lagos.
I earn enough to do whatever I wish. I am very comfortable, but with no man to call my own. No man has walked up to me in 10 years, none whatsoever. I have male friends, but I don’t seem appealing enough to be dated by any of them. The last man I had was when I was 26 and that is the last time I ever had sex.
Just a month ago, I met Sam. Sam claims he loves me, but if you ask me, I honestly do not feel a thing for him. I don’t even think of him at all throughout a day, but he wants to marry me.
This is the first time a guy wants me in 10 years. If I don’t marry him, it might take another 10 years for another man to accost me. I am yet to give him an answer. I am utterly confused. I know he loves me, but I don’t love him… I need your Advice, please. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Because you care, what will be your advice to this lady?

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