Monday, 24 September 2012


Wow! its a beautiful morning to get ready for home after a long semester. Thinking about it,I miss my family so much,can't wait to see my sisters and my brother.Arrrgh I have to pack #sigh I hate packing but do I have a choice? As I pack my tons of clothes into my box..I was sweating like a goat when my phone rang..."Hello Sandra, are you ready" "no oh, come and help me oh ,I'm tired of packing jor" "please hurry I'm waiting at the gate" "ok" that was Fred,my neighbor who offered to drop me at the park .I hurriedly packed my clothes,showered,brushed my teeth and dressed up.

I walked down the hallway with luggages on both hands,Fred met me halfway and helped me with the luggages.On our way he told me that my former neighbor Helen will be going to P.H that same day "why not wait a little longer so you girls can go home together,she'll be going with her car,you won't have to spend a penny going home".Hmmm I'll not spend anything and it'll be a comfy ride! Why not? Awoof things!
I called Helen up and told her I'll love to travel with her,she was glad she'll have someone to talk to while driving ...DEAL!!!
11:15am and I'm still waiting wa oh... While waiting for her to dress her baby up so we could hit the road,a call came in through her was her husband ordering her to take some properties which he way billed to his village which is also very close to my school. Wow! Will I wait for her to do all that before I travel? All because of awoof transport!!! *straight face*
My face don dey change oh,am not finding this delay funny again. Helen noticing my mood then told her husband that she won't be doing his bid because it was late already ,she's dressed up for the journey,her friend is waiting and the driver came late . I guess the driver told him about me and he told him to give me the I don balance for inside car dey wait...the driver gave me the phone,the thunder I heard from the phone eh!
"Leave my wife alone!!!!,you bad influence! You want to ruin my family God will punish you! Before you answer me get down from the car this moment!leave her to run the errand I sent her! GO AND GET MARRIED!!!"
Tear ran down my cheek,all I could voice out was "I'm sorry sir,thank you sir" and he hanged up.I left Helen and boarded the next available bus to PH,time 3:34pm.

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