Thursday, 8 November 2012

NOT AGAIN??: Girl Claims She was Drugged and Assaulted by Her Facebook Friend! - But when would ladies learn to stop following strangers i.e facebook,twitter and bbm friends you met..the world is not safe with friends we know, talkless online friends/strangers...i hope people learn from this...

The girl in the picture claim she was drugged and molested by a friend she met on facebook. According to the story,the man picked her up in a range rover car to upmarket Westlands for a drink. She decided to have red bull since that was their first time of meeting and didn’t want to leave a bad impression.
During their date, she excused herself and went to the rest room, that was when the man drugged the red bull she was drinking.
The girl only remembers being drowsy and someone dragging her to the car and that was how the man molested her.
She only came back to her senses when good samaritans found her in Umoja 2, Kenya in a very bad state.


  1. All this men of nowadays are evil

  2. Why should a decent girl go to the house of a man she has never seen before...she only met him online

  3. Khadijah toh pretty9 November 2012 at 06:45

    no one should judge cos only God knows what transpired between them but for the guy nemesis will surely catch up with him ...wicked men